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SharePoint Dynamic Forms - An Introduction

The primary objective of this project is to provide a dynamic data entry screen for SharePoint 2010 based on SharePoint List definition.

Form Generation Options

SharePoint dynamic forms provide options to generate dynamic forms in two modes. One is simple and straight forward list based and another is based on a XML template.

1. List Based

This method can be considered as a near zero configuration method as it needs very minimal configuration. A list name is all that is required to generate a SharePoint Dynamic Form. This method has option that can be further fine-tuned by providing 'Include' and 'Exclude' fields.

For examples and implementation of List based rendering refer List Based Rendering of Share Point Dynamic Forms

2. Template Based

In this option, SharePoint Dynamic Form for a Share Point list is generated based on a XML file. This XML file contains specification of fields and its properties and validation rules. Template based rendering also provides options to extend SharePoint dynamic forms to inject business logic on form submission.

Some Unique Features of SharePoint Dynamic Forms

  1. Template based rendering provides the flexibility of deciding what information has to be captured without changing the code base.
  2. Enforce validation even if the column does not have its own validation defined in list.
  3. Supports extensive field validation types including String, Date, Comparison, Content Length, regex etc.
  4. Support for cross field comparison validation.
  5. Provides data entry option for a user who doesn’t have write permission to a list.
  6. Option to extend the web part by overriding form submission event. This enables  validation of  input data against custom business logic and inject additional data to list without exposing the field to the end user.
  7. Option to cancel the form submission and provide custom notification message.
  8. Option for redirection after form submission.
  9. Close popup option if data entry form is shown in a Popup.
  10. Full control over Save and Cancel button on data entry form.

For examples and documentation on Template based rendering refer Template Based Rendering of Share Point Dynamic Forms

Upcoming Features in forthcoming releases.

  1. Read Only Fields
  2. Default value for fields
  3. Edit Form

Suggestions for new features are welcome :-)

Screen Shots

1. List based rendering of default calendar list with display fields set to Title,EventDate,EndDate,Description,fAllDayEvent

Calendar List Based

2. Template based rendering of Calendar List with description set as required and labels changed to custom caption. The below are the configurations specified in this SharePoint Dynamic Form
        1. Display label of Title changed to ‘Leave Info’, Start Time to ‘From’, End Time to ‘To’ and All Day Event to ‘Is Full Day’.
        2. Cancel button Removed
        3. Caption of Save button changed to Apply Leave
        4. Leave description set as mandatory.

Calendar Template Based

3. Template based rendering of default Tasks list with additional Project and Category lookup columns. The below are some of the validation rules set in this SharePoint dynamic data entry form.
        1. Display label change from Title to Task Name, Description to Task Description.
        2. Required field validation for Category, Task Description, Due Date and % complete although those fields are not mandatory in the underlying Tasks list.
        3. Start date should be at least 2 days greater than current date.
        4. Due date should be greater than Start date.
        5. % complete should be greater than 10%.

Task Template Based

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